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When Third Millennium Equipoise first appeared 20 years ago the pressing global concerns centred on nuclear disarmament, UN Security Council reforms and human development goals. Global warming and climate change were distant threats at the periphery of global concerns.

Discrete steps for dealing with future planetary threats, including nuclear disarmament, nuclear terrorism, UN Interventions of the 21st Century; and other critical issues should immediately be extrapolated from TME.
In a recent interview given by Stephen Hawking that appeared in several newspapers he opined that extinction on Earth was closer than at any time before. He attributed it to anthropogenic factors or the coming of the anthropocene climactic that science and technology advances had put in the hands of humanity; the most proximate threats being nuclear weapons and climate change (or words to that effect).
What some eminent people had to say about the book
"Your Book 'The Third Millenium Equipose' is one of the most fascinating books i have ever read. This is the book all present leaders and those who care about the future of the planet earth should read "
Dr Adwerd J Wilson, President, International Cildrens Community,
President Kwanees International

"Touches on issues of priority concern to united nations in an enlightened and sophisticated way "
Mr. Kofi A. Annan, Secretary General, UNITED NATIONS
Chinese edition in the pipeline in 2016.
Spanish title Equilibrio en el Tercer Milenio.
Highlights of Third Millennium Equipose
Indispensable for COP-21 Paris Conference in December 2015 and finalisation of follow-up global protocols.

Lays out matrix for speedier negotiation of global treaties. More importantly, their universal acceptbility and adherence. No opting out in the supreme national interest clauses in cases of critical global accords.
Author's Profile

General Vinod Saighal retired from the Indian Army in 1995 from the post of Director General Military Training. He has held an assignment with the UN peacekeeping forces as well as a tenure in Iran. He had served as the country's Military Attache in France and BENELUX, also overseeing Spain and Portugal..........Vinod Saighal was invited to join the 'Institutional Advisory Board' of USFSS (US Federation of Scientists and Scholars) in 2000. He is international consultant since 1995 with the prestigious French think tank Centre d'Etude et de Prospective Strategique (CEPS) as well as on the Institutional Advisory Board of an Italian Publication Geopolitica. He was a special invitee of the Chinese Medical Association as keynote presenter for the final plenary session of the 16th World Conference of IPPNW (International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War) in Beijing in 2004.



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Romancing the Motherland

"Romancing the Motherland documentary is based on a talk delivered at the Indian Military Academy in July 1997, two years before the Kargil" ....

By Maj. Gen Vinod Saighal
17 February,2021.

is endless in thy hands my Lord , thy centuries follow each other perfecting a
small wildflower". Rabindra Nath Tagore
There's a lonely little Robin on the tree by my door
Who waits for his love to return never more
So remember, please remember I'll always be true
Like the lonely little Robin I'm a waiting for you Anon
All processes in nature and life have a long gestation period, they should not be rushed:
The nurturing of children;
The blossoming of love;
The maturing of friendship;
The creation of a garden
The raising of pets
Early morning at amrit vela I sit in padmasan and thank the Lord
For the miracle of dawn;
Thy majesty, Thy Magnificence, thy Munificence;
The Beauty, Bounty, the Diversity of Mother Earth.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
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