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Vinod Saigal
                                                  MRGG APPEAL TO THE INDIAN VOTER

For a long time voters in India have been lending their ears to appeals based on cast, creed and religion. Where has this got them and India? Has it led to an improvement of conditions in their hamlets, towns and cities? Has communal Harmony improved? Has law and order improved? Are people sleeping easier? Has exploitation of the poor and downtrodden come to an end? Has corruption ceased? What become of the people’s dreams of a better life for their children? Did India become stronger or did it weaken to such an extent that even smaller and less powerful nations threaten it? Where did the country lose its way? How did it end up in such a mess?

       The country lost its way because it listened to the voice of unreason. It ended up in such a mess because its voters responded to the appeal of small people bent-upon sowing hatred and discord. They decided to Part Company with the wisdom of this ancient land. They stopped heeding the real message of the great religions which flourished in this great country for centuries. Being the in heritors of one of the greatest heritages of mankind, they ended up nearly destroying that heritage. While the world has moved a head, they continue to wallow in poverty, filth and misery. The leaders who have been voted to power on narrow caste and creed basis have ended up aggrandizing themselves while pushing the country into insecurity and insolvency, whatever the politicians might say, the ground reality is that at the end of fifty years after Independence, India is mired in the debt trap, the poverty trap and the filth trap. Is there a way out? Can something be done about it?

    A clean sweep is the only way out. This means that younger, brighter and cleaner persons have to be elected in place of the existing lot of politicians who have virtually bankrupted the nation, both physically and morally.

    The choice before the Indian voters is simple: do they want more of the same, or do they want India to move ahead. The decision is theirs. It is said: as you sow, so shall you reap. Voters must exercise their choice with care.

Indian democracy has reached an historic turning point.

       Your vote may still allow India to keep its tryst with destiny. Destiny has not forsaken India. We failed to keep the tryst. It still beckons. Do not again fail your country. Do not again fail your country. Do not put your destiny, and that of your country, in rotten hands. There must be better people to lead the nation into the dawn of the next century. People who India can be proud of, people who can hold their head high. Your vote can make the vital difference. Do not be swayed by the purveyors of hatred and division. The nation has enough of Muslim voters, Hindu voter and other such voters. It now waits for the Indian voter. It waits for you.

New Delhi-110001(India)                                                                          Convenor MRGG                                                            
5th March’96


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